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We are innovative company with over 15 patents and 2 world patents. Our focus last 5 years is developing new technology on water purification where no filter or chemicals are used. First starts with technology was verified its purpose in water resources in EU where we successfully prove its efficiency. Technology development was with cooperation with TUM( Munich university), chemical institutes, laboratory(public, private) etc... Now we build-in same technology for every household tap in aerator size device.
We search for people or company who would deal sales, distribution, representation in Spain market. Our products are no in 12 EU countries and we have over 15000 customers using our technology.

We also have the starting points of the sales plan, target customer groups and selected sales methods. First thing to understand is that we offer new patented technology that few (buyers) understand its working principle. We search for long-term cooperation where new products with same technology will be going out regularly.

To simplify, the technology relies on exploiting the implosion of water in the high vacuum of the chamber.

Whole sale operation in Spain is guided by us.

for interested pearsons contact us kinetic-reactor at hidrosistemi.si, www.kinetic-reactor.com

Simon Markovic
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Líder desde 1997

Líder desde 1997

Con nuestro banco de datos activo desde 1997 en Italia, España y Europa.

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Siempre on line

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